Thursday, January 21, 2010

{Insert Clever Title Here. I can't think}

So, yesterday, I completely forgot to mention that DH has a job interview today. I actually just kissed him goodbye at the door. I'm so excited for him. He hasn't been working since September, so he's ready to go out there and kick butt. It's for an Assistant Producer position, so I'm praying he gets the job! {See - I told you I was super forgetful yesterday!}

If you know me, I love my sleep. I love getting in between the cool sheets and stretching my legs before I assume my normal position (laying on right side, right arm under my pillow) and wait for my journey into Sleepy Town. I hate being woken up. I hate my cell phone ringing in the middle of the night (I used to keep it on silent, but since my mother's illness, I always keep it on loud). I hate the dogs barking when I'm sleeping.

So, last night I was mighty annoyed that I was woken at 2:00 in the morning.

No, it wasn't the dogs. Nor was it my cell phone. It wasn't even my DH.

It was because of my bladder. I needed to pee.

Trying not to wake myself up too much, I stumbled to the bathroom with my eyes half closed. As I got back into bed, I realised that if I am indeed pregnant this cycle, waking up to pee is going to be a regular occurrence.

But I figure it'll be fine, because I'd be pregnant. So I won't get so annoyed about it. :)

I'm finally starting to agree with DH that I am frequenting the bathroom more. And it's the second night I've woken up to pee. (Normally, I go before bed and then I'm good til the morning). I've noticed that when I do wake up, I'm bursting to go - also a new sign.

So hopefully, it's all a good sign. I've still got that feel-good, warm feeling in the pit of my stomach and I've been showered with lots of baby dust in the message boards. I've got lots of fingers and toes - across the world - being crossed for us that this is our cycle.

According to FF, if we did manage to get pregnant this cycle, our estimated due date will be 10/10/10. How cool is that?


soontobmom said...

10-10-10 is a awesome due date!!! im praying fo ryou guys,,, also, when i was first pregnant, peeing a lot was a symptom for me, so i soo hope it is for you.. :)

ramblingsofme said...

Thanks so much!! I appreciate the prayers! XX

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