Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Giddy like a School Girl!

The last 24 hours for me have been insane. I feel like I haven't stopped smiling.

DH came home from work and I showed him the pics of the tests. He's very happy but still cautious. I couldn't sleep last night for happiness.

This morning DH was gone by the time I woke up, so I took another test and saw a faint line (it was a pink-dye test) but I couldn't (for the life of me) get a good picture of it!!

I spoke to my mum and she was really upset about some stuff that's going on. I had no intention of telling her anything yet, but she was so upset on the phone, I knew I had to tell her. She was pretty shocked at first, then she was ecstatic. I told her not to put it on Facebook {My mother still hasn't learnt Facebook etiquette.} and she told me she'd only tell my step-father. I rang my grandmother to tell her and when she answered the phone, she exclaimed, "Honey, congratulations! I've just heard the news!" So much for my mum just telling my step-dad, huh?

I spoke to my step-dad and he was mega excited. He said that he thinks I'm gonna have a girl. And I think that as well. I don't know - it's a feeling I've got! Plus girls first run in both mine and DH's family!

I spoke to my little brother and told him about it. He's very happy about becoming an uncle!

Then I felt bad that all my family knew but none of DH's did. I spoke to him on his lunch break and said that we need to ring his family. I said I'd wait til he got home but he told me to ring them all. So first I rang his parents and told them - they were shocked but couldn't be happier. His mum said, "Oh wow! My second grandbaby!"

I then spoke to my sister-in-law. The conversation went like this:
Me: "Hey honey, how are you?"
Her: "I'm good! Is everything OK? How are you?"
Me: "I'm great!! I was actually ringing to tell you that X is going to be getting a cousin."
Her: "What?"
Me: "X is gonna get a cousin!"
Her: "From who??"
Me: "Um, us?!"
Her: [Screaming in my ear]

She's very excited and keeps leaving cryptic messages on my Facebook wall. I told both families that we want to keep it very quiet. We only want immediate family knowing until we know more.

I called my doctor earlier and told her what had happened. She said that considering I took the test in the afternoon (and not with FMU) and it came up positive, there's no doubt in her mind that I'm pregnant. I'm going in on Monday to start doing some blood tests (I figure Monday's safe. Period is due tomorrow/Friday, so if by chance the witch does show up, then I've got time to cancel the appointment). My doctor was like, "I guess I'll be seeing you Monday. And honey? Congratulations!" So speaking to her made me feel a lot better.

I went out this morning and got the cutest onesie in white, saying "I love my Daddy!" As long as everything goes well on Monday, I'm going to give it to him then.

Anyway, I'm hungry again, so let me leave you with some peestick pictures!


Edited to add some better pics:

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