Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Got A Feeling

I might sound like a nut, but I really do have a good feeling. It's nestled in the pit of my stomach and it's a warm, feel good feeling. I'd say it's intuition. I've had it before - with many different occasions - one for example, is when DH proposed to me.

Now, I'm not going to read too much into it, but I'm taking note of it. I've actually had it since last night. Now over 12 hours later, it's still lingering there.

So, FF did change my cross hairs. According to FF, I ovulated on the 17th, which now means I'm 3DPO. The good thing is, it's also upped my Intercourse Timing level as 'High' (before, when it gave me cross hairs, my Timing level was only 'Good'). I am now just crossing all my crossables and praying that this is the cycle for us!

I always took it for granted that we'd just get pregnant. I never thought it would take us this long (and I know, 6 months isn't a long time). I guess no one ever thinks it'll take a long time - everyone just thinks it'll happen. And to think of all the years we were so desperate not to be pregnant! Life can be ironic.

So, if you're reading this, please throw a little baby dust, prayer or whatever you can that this is our cycle! (How cool is it that if we do get pregnant this cycle, our estimated due date would be 10/10/10!)

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