Friday, January 15, 2010

Crosshairs & Questions

So, yesterday FF gave me cross hairs. But I don't think I ovulated. A few of the girls on the boards have said that it may be because it's my first cycle temping and FF is just trying to figure things out. {Shrugs} Who knows?

Despite the O that FF thinks I've done, DH and I have BDed every day. According to other online sites, I'm due to O around today/tomorrow, so BDing is in order!

Some of the girls on the boards have got beautiful BFP's in the last couple of days. I'm so excited for them (even though I know none of them personally) but every time I see that gorgeous BFP, I get a kick of emotions. When is it gonna be our turn? I know it'll happen for us, but now we've been trying for 6 months, we want it so bad!

But onto positive thinking: it'll happen for us, this time it will be our month!! {turns into to personal mantra}

My big dog made it through surgery without any hiccups. They removed the lump on his head, but they have no idea what it is, so it's been sent off to be analysed. The first day we brought him home was rough - he's got to wear the big protective collar so that he doesn't scratch out his stitches and he hates it. He cried a lot the first night - I think it was the anesthetic coming out of his system and maybe some pain. But he's doing much better now. We actually got a full night sleep last night!

For my other pooch, we met with a family yesterday that do dog-sitting. They normally do it on a day-by-day scheme for people going away for a few days. But we took our girl to their house and they LOVED her. She was playing with the young boy (probably about 8) and he was just beaming. We talked to them at length, and they've given us a good rate for her to stay with them. It'll break my heart to leave her here - even if it's only for a short time - but at least she really liked the family and I know they'll spoil her rotten.

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